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"I wanted to create a video that highlighted a local community group. We often hear about big-name national charities but less so about the charities in our own communities. I approached The Community Fridge with the idea that a video would help to promote not just their group, but other local groups in general that do great work. We worked together on the concept and this is the resulting film."

Will Royal is a freelance videographer based in Oxfordshire dedicated to telling stories through creative digital production.

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about the group

The Witney Food Revolution is network of businesses, volunteers and hunger relief organizations committed to reducing food waste in Witney and surrounding areas.


Our volunteer-based initiative collects perfectly good food that local businesses would have thrown away, and redistribute it to the public.


We have a team of volunteers who collect food from local supermarkets and other kind donors who are also committed to reducing food waste.


The community fridge was set up in 2019 and originally started as an actual fridge under cover on

Moorland Road. It was a space where residents could share and access surplus food from allotments and local food businesses with the main mission being reducing food waste and sharing surplus.


Then we entered into unprecedented times as the Covid-19 pandemic struck. In March 2020, the Fridge

quickly repurposed to provide deliveries of food surplus to those who were shielding and in need of

additional support.


With the support of Witney Town Council and The Witney Land Army, the operation moved to The Corn

Exchange where deliveries continued to operate on Wednesdays and Thursdays and the Fridge also

opened to the public during the week.


In April 2020, the Fridge formalised by becoming a community action group and once initial lockdown

restrictions were lifted, we made the move to The Wesley Room.


A year on the operation has evolved significantly. We have built strong relationships within our community

and in the last year we have collected approximately 50 tonnes of surplus food and served over 1,000 visitors.


The operations continue to grow and April 2021 saw the launch of our community larder creating even more sustainability for our community and our journey to drive zero waste.

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