westmill sustainable energy trust

watchfield, Oxfordshire

about the artwork



Westmill is a beautiful setting and the Wind Farm & Solar Park offers a stunning location and backdrop.


And WeSET has found a unique, off-beat way to immerse you in its charm through this distinctive film which follows WeSET’s Education Officer capturing Westmill’s landscape, towering turbines and shining solar panels in an exquisite watercolour painting.


Watch the portrait come to life at breakneck speed using specialist time-lapse photography – a piece that took a full two hours to create in real time! Hear the voices of Westmill describe how this piece of eco-history became a pioneer for community-owned sustainable energy creation in the UK. And listen to the soothing soundtrack of the turbines and the resident Skylarks.


This special film will enlighten you in how the Westmill collective trailblazed a long and rocky pathway to introducing the first 100% community owned onshore wind farm in the south of England.



Part of WeSET’s educational outreach remit is to welcome visitors on an exciting journey to the Westmill Wind Farm & Solar Park to explore clean, green energy. Guests are able to experience the scale of the turbines and the Solar Park, learn about the energy the they create and feel the open nature of the site.


As a creative, vintage way of inviting you to Westmill, WeSET has created this poster, which harks back to the railway advertisments of the 1920s and 30s with a nod to neighbouring Swindon’s role in rail travel.


WeSET is ready to guide you under its turbines and around its solar arrays - both which are playing an equally valuable role in the new, green industrial revolution.

about the Artist(s)

EMMA ARNOLD: Emma filmed and directed the VIDEO and is the artist that appears in it. She also devised and produced the POSTER. Emma manages educational outreach on behalf of WeSET. She is an artist designer and educator. For fifteen years Emma taught Design & Technology and Art & Design in Oxfordshire secondary schools, before moving to work as a freelance artist and designer/maker, as well as an educational author and teacher trainer. She strongly believes that creativity is at the root of a sustainable future. 

TOM LOWE: is the film editor of the VIDEO. Tom manages the visitor tour programme to the Westmill Wind Farm & Solar Park on behalf of WeSET. He is a communications professional and is particularly skilled in the production of audio and video content. Tom has cultivated a genuine passion for sustainability, attempting to drastically reduce his carbon footprint whilst also striving for a zero-plastic lifestyle, and wants to help build awareness of why sustainable energy is so important.

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about the group

The Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust (WeSET) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation promoting sustainable energy deployment and education.


It was founded in 2009 by the Westmill Wind Farm Co-op and the Westmill Solar Co-operative to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to local communities.


WeSET especially focuses its work within a 25 mile radius of the Westmill Wind Farm & Solar Park: the only place in southern England where people can see wind and solar power in action on the same site. 


It achieves it aims through a range of activities. These include site visits to the wind farm and solar park. These vary from primary school classes to universities, community groups and government experts. In particular, WeSET also welcomes visits from planners, civil servants, councillors and others involved in making decisions about renewable energy.


Other streams of work include educational outreach to local schools; conferences, events and art projects; practical information and technical advice; financial support to local energy projects; and, working with like-minded organisations.


WeSET’s wind farm has been running for over ten years and has five turbines that produce enough electricity to power over 2,600 homes. The solar development beside the turbines produces the electricity for a further 1,100 homes. Both projects are community-owned. 


The Westmill Wind Farm & Solar Park is near the village of Watchfield, between Oxford and Swindon.





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