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About the artwork

This artwork focuses on the story of Watlington’s Green Plan which is a joint initiative between Watlington Climate Action Group and Watlington Environment Group. Launched at a meeting a few days before the first national lockdown, the Green Plan has grown through online meetings and small working groups. In order to raise awareness, spark debate, encourage engagement and action, the groups teamed up with the thriving artist community in Watlington and organised a Green Plan Art Trail for the August Bank Holiday weekend.  

Presenting a visual summary of this trail, a ‘train track’ has been made from rescued hedge material from the new housing development in the town, ‘Red Kite View’. Half of the hedge, H4, was cut down and the other half was granted a reprieve thanks to the liaison and negotiation of the Green Plan team. The track has been bound together with green wool sourced from the successful ‘Waste Not Want Not Watlington’ Facebook group; a Watlington Climate Action Group led initiative. Six ‘habitat stations’ for Chalk Streams & Ponds, Chalk Grasslands, Wildlife Gardening, Road Verges, Hedgerows and Trees & Woodland are represented, along with artefacts from the trail. 

Echoing the positioning of the trail as an accessible, fun, community event with serious undertones, the artwork shows how the Green Plan Art Trail Organising Committee have promoted community cohesion, raised awareness and highlighted specific points for action to reduce the negative impact on the climate and to promote and enhance biodiversity in the local area. 

about the Artist(s)

Jules Bishop is an artist who wants a society with a caring operating system and a planet with a future. She has developed an artistic practice using a broad range of mediums including sculpture, video art, performance, ‘happenings’, print, drawing, dialogue and natural pigments. Intersectional, her practice crosses disciplines in the humanities, (history, geography, psychology & language), in the sciences, (plant biology, chemistry & physics), and in maths and technology. The heart of her  practice is within the social arts, connecting with communities, and using practice-based research to create works which raise awareness and facilitate depth of engagement. The result is a versatile  practice of poetic activism. 

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artist(s) information:

Jules Bishop 



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about the group

Founded in April 2019 initially as a Facebook community group, and subsequently as a formal Community Action Group within the CAG network, Watlington Climate Action Group are a voluntary group of residents, whose aims are to help Watlington address the Climate Emergency. Our vision is to help Watlington become climate neutral by 2030. 


Our objectives are: 

• To promote community and individual action through local initiatives 

• To reduce our negative impact on the climate and protect and enhance biodiversity 

• To increase awareness through collaborative action and community engagement 

• To make the best use of local resources and expertise. 


Our main projects are:


The Green Plan 

WCAG is working in partnership with Watlington Environment Group and other local groups to  improve and protect biodiversity in and around Watlington and manage habitats better for carbon sequestration. 


Homes & Energy 

We are working to help residents to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes and are in the  process of identifying and defining projects that help achieve this goal. 


Plastic Free Watlington

We have run a campaign to increase awareness of plastic waste with local businesses and community  groups, and have recently achieved accreditation as a Plastic Free Community from Surfers Against  Sewage. 


Awareness & Engagement 

Supporting individual awareness, engagement and action through a programme of events, press  articles, short films, our website, newsletter and social media channels.