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InTandem Publications, part of the Tandem Collective, started life in 2015 as a quarterly publication dealing with environmental or social justice issues. We are now collaborating with the Oxford Climate Society on the fourth edition of the zine RISE and are looking for other writers to join our writers’ collective. RISE zine celebrates creativity in the face of climate change and each zine has a unique theme. The zine is open to anyone for contributions in multiple mediums including poetry, prose writing, photography, illustration and music. The zine is printed by the amazing creative team at Oxford’s eco printers GreenPrint. On display and for sale in this exhibition are the second and third editions of the zine.

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about the group

Tandem Collective’s mission is to influence positive change towards social justice and environmental sustainability through arts and creativity. Tandem started life in Oxford in 2014 as a music festival built by a group of volunteers. Since then Tandem has grown to become a Collective of artists, activists, researchers and friends working across multiple projects including Ethno England, InTandem Publications, Tandem Skills Camp and, most recently, the Green Arts Oxfordshire Network.