We have made a film about our tree planting journey, which is full of stories of different people, from different walks of life that come together at our tree planting events. We wanted to also tell the story of our growing community involvement, which – just like a tree – is branching out but has firm roots in the Rose Hill and Iffley community. A local film-maker, Will, has made the film together with people of our group. The Low Carbon Hub has kindly funded this film.


Will Dennies, Elizabeth Couves, Sabine Huth-Rauschenbach, Pippa Burne, Benedict Robbins, Eleanor Watts 

This project was funded by the Low Carbon Hub. 

ABOUT the group

Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon (RHILC) is an Oxford Community Action Group. We started in 2013, want to make Rose Hill the first carbon neutral estate in the country and plan our work around Bioregional’s One Planet Living principles:


Culture and Community

We can only beat climate change if we ALL work together, so at our 2021 tree planting, we included representatives from fifteen local community groups including five different faith groups, the school, football team, youth club, running group and community centre.


Zero-carbon Energy

We have successfully lobbied for 190 solar PV panels, four batteries and an EV charger in our Community Centre, 109 solar panels and a zero-carbon classroom in our primary school and solar PV on 76 social homes. We are working with the Low Carbon Hub on a micro-grid trial. We have thermally imaged over 150 local homes and organised six expert-led insulation advice sessions. We promote the Low Carbon Hub’s retrofit scheme, Cosy Homes. 


Zero Waste and Sustainable Materials

We run a repair café every two months. Our volunteers mend electrical items, clothes and bikes alongside a café and children’s activities. We also organise annual community litter picks.


Travel and Transport

In 2018, we collected 1,982 signatures for continuous, segregated cycle lanes to the town centre and organised a cycling festival.


Local Sustainable Food

We’ve had two events on the importance of eating less meat and buying local produce. We also hold regular seedlings shares.


Land and Nature

In 2015 and 2019 we planted 800 trees on our local recreation ground and in 2021 a community orchard of native fruit and nut trees.


Sustainable Water

During dry spells in 2020 and 2021, we watered all our hundreds of saplings. We are erecting a rainwater tank for our orchard.


Health and Happiness

Climate change is frightening, but working and eating together makes us feel better!



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