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The Peace Oak in our name refers to a majestic oak tree planted in 1919 one year after the armistice so we decided to celebrate the centenary of the tree with an event which included a poetry festival. One of our members is a published poet and teacher and we offered very successful workshops to schools and community members to write inspired by the story of the tree. The poems were made into flags and strung around the tree at our event in 2019. We would like to hang three or four of the actual flags that were on the tree at the Festival in 2019 and will be creating a “book” to include more of the poems possibly as a concertina shape using natural papers and dyes. 

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About the group

The Peace Oak Association owns and manages a community orchard with shared growing spaces, a wildlife pond, vineyard, edible hedge for foraging, wildflower areas, willow and more. The land was given to the charity in 2017 and our first task was to create an orchard to rescue the Eynsham varieties of apple from extinction. We were given young trees by the Wastie family who managed orchards in Eynsham in 1930s to 1950s and we continue to graft more. 


The two acre field near the centre of Eynsham is now protected for ever as green space for members and the wider community. Key to the growing and maintenance are the 15 plotholders and an equal number of active members who come to working parties. In our short but very active life we have created a long term plan for the site which includes a combination of growing projects, enhancing  the amazing bio-diversity of site and creating a space  for quiet contemplation as well and events and groups. Our field is used by youth and other community groups. Our latest initiative is a Craft Club for willow working, green woodworking and other crafts using natural materials