Oxford green print

East Oxford


about the artwork

Our part of this exhibition is a selection of some of the many great posters and flyers we have printed for other members of the CAG network over the years.  It is a celebration of a diverse range of amazing projects, sustainable training, eco-friendly events and progressive spaces.

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Artist(s) Information: 

Stig: www.shtig.net


about the artist

Stig is the in-house designer and illustrator at Oxford GreenPrint.  He also does cartoons, carpentry, banners, bike-trailers, murals and the occasional dragon.

about the group

Oxford GreenPrint is a workers cooperative providing eco-friendly, low-cost printing to the local community for over 2 decades.  We specialise in Risograph printing: non-toxic veggie inks, compostable paper masters, low energy use and our stock is all 100% post-consumer recycled.
We deliver by bike within Oxford and can also help with design and illustration.