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Hook Norton, Banbury, North Oxfordshire



We wanted to have a visual record of the extraordinary journey of community engagement and consultation process that HNCLT underwent with the community of Hook Norton to reach the design stage of the community – led housing project. 

We invited Lisa Curtis, Lisa Made It  an Oxford based designer and illustrator, to one of our consultation evenings with the community in Hooky.  She took notes and photographs and interviewed several of the community participants and used the questions asked in our video to form a base for the journey illustration.

We met up at Lisa’s studio at Makespace where we discussed making the final image into a map of the HNCLT consultation journey and that it should have the shared facilities and communal green at the heart of the image. We also agreed that the map should feature the planning constraints we had to take into account, such as adjusting the position of the homes on the site because of noise planning regulations. Lisa produced a beautiful and informative map of our journey which we printed out and use at all our meetings. It sums up the history of our project in a vibrant and exciting way and people are drawn to it wherever we use it. 

Artist(s) Information: 

Lisa Curtis 


Charlie Luxton Design


community homes for hooky, what's your vision?

We made our video with the help of James Tomalin at Oxford Digital Media. James lives in Hook Norton and one cold, wet Saturday in February 2018 we approached people in Hook Norton  village High Street to see how they felt about the need for affordable, sustainable housing in the area. I had worked out a series of questions and was moved by the responses and strength of feeling shown by the community about the housing crisis. Everyone we spoke to described how they were worried about the lack of affordable homes for young people and people on low incomes, who had to leave the area to be able to find somewhere they could afford to live. Several people expressed concern that the village could become a village of second homes and one person summarised the situation:

 “ If you want a community to grow, you need to keep young people here” 

The video is a testament to the energy and  commitment of the people of Hook Norton to the community - led housing project that will deliver affordable sustainable homes to the people that need them most.

about the group

At a time of climate emergency when many new housing developments lack sustainable measures, Hook Norton Community Land Trust and the people of Hook Norton in North Oxfordshire have generated an innovative community-led project of 12 affordable homes that will have a positive impact on the environment and be fit for the future. 


Hook Norton Community Land Trust was formed in 2019 to provide an innovative, grass roots solution to the local housing crisis by building affordable homes that work for the benefit of the local community not the developer. 


We achieved this by involving the community in a series of eight lively consultation meetings and design workshops with Hook Norton based architectural practice, Charlie Luxton Design, over a period of 2 years from 2018 - 2020. The meetings involved creative discussions about what was needed and wanted and resulted in a shared vision of different age groups living side by side with access to communal gardens and allotments. A strong need emerged for housing that could be designed to increase community spirit and enable neighbours to support each other and reduce isolation. The idea of the homes being built around a communal building with a community – run café and workshops developed, as a place where people could meet and share activities with each other and the wider community.


The 12 homes and communal building will be built to Passivhaus standards and powered by

a solar PV array on each roof.  A microgrid will provide a decentralised system of locally generated energy and the site will contain electric vehicle charging points, a shared car club and an electric bike hire scheme.

Planning permission for the project was unanimously granted in May 2020 and HNCLT will be launching a community share offer soon to raise funds for the project ahead of the build starting. Membership of HNCLT costs just £1 and you can find more details on our website:  https://www.hooknortonclt.org.uk

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