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about the group

The Botley Community Fridge is a small fridge with a big heart. It aims to reduce food waste and provide food to people who need it. The fridge is based in the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, 81 West Way, Oxford OX2 9JY, and is open Mon-Sat 10-4 and Sun 11-4. 

Most of the food is surplus from supermarkets and is picked up by volunteers. The food from the fridge is available to anyone at no cost, and the fridge is not manned. The fridge also has shelving which holds non-perishables (donations from the local supermarket and others) which are for people in need only.

Before Covid, the fridge was circulating about half a tonne of food per month (the equivalent of three full fridges per week). Post-Covid, it is circulating about a tonne of food per month.

The fridge has spawned two 'sister organisations': the Botley community larder which is food club serving about 100 families, and the Botley Bikers who deliver food by bicycle three times per week to people experiencing homelessness and vulnerable housing.



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